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I really don't know what to write here...I've never done a journal before, I keep my memories and dreams, and writting in another book, but hat one it's really really secret and hiden so.... I guess this will be to write about things that are not involved or don't belong in the other book.

July 13
I'm really anxious  school is near and I'm not that excited about it... but mom and dad are....

July 25
I went shopping wih my parents and brother ,  we went to buy new clothes for school, I really hate what my moms picks for me,at the end  I prefered to have anything... I'll just use what  I alredy have.

July 30
Some friends of my parents came over...they were having a lot fun , they organized a big meal and party ... I asked my brother if we could go to the maul to see a movie while our parents were entretaining the visit, we watch a really interesting but confusing movie... I did'nt quite get it, but at the end we had a good time, Armand told me that mother give him money extra if  I wanted to buy clothes, since the other day I didn't took anything.
We visited a few clothe stores, wow my brother does bring a lot of attention, there wasnt a moment when we were unatendant, I got a few pretty things that I really feel I'll never wear....shame

august 5
Gorey made a mess in my room! he chewed everything! I cried a lot when I thought he ate my book! the book!... That's what happens when you leave your bedroom open and alittle demon goat unattended... luckily Armand had my book , but I yelled and scolded at him for taking it... Its...really personal ...its like... well... he doesnt have something that personal like my book, he apoogized, but... at least the book is safe, bad Gorey! he'll for sure sleep outside tonight!

August 20
My parents are planning a trip or the last days of summer vacations,  I'm not sure what are they planning ...I'm not that excited...

August 25
Armand and I stayed at home, while my parents when on a trip...yep.. its how they called "celebrating their  honeymoon whenever they can"  eventough they are not "married" its kind of a joke for them, anyway, my brother and I have spend the whole day playing videogames! Its been really realxing xD

September 1
My parents arrived from their trip today, we went out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, it was actually really delicious  I ordered blood soup with a pinch of despair! somethings normies feelings taste delicious! Armand ordered something really weird I didn't even knew what it was but he said it was good.

September 6
geez.. I'm really scared... School is coming... and.. Its a new school, new people,and new problems... I just..don't want to go. I guess... luckily Armand will go to the same school that me so I'm hoping he'll be my suport...
Did the first wave Erina's diary

will do the next right away xp

erina armand and their parents me
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LunaBell Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
cute. poor gorey. i should finish writing those diary entries soon.
Sajintmm Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
Nice job
LilithIrina Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
Sajintmm Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
I think she and Orhion would be nice friends
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